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Deal 4 the Day

Deal 4 the DayDeal 4 the DayThe Deal 4 the Day, just like the Deal 4 the Week, is always a surprise. If you tune into QVC and watch just to see what’s available, then you’ll love the Deal 4 the Day.

Start the Day With a Little Fun

Bookmark 4Sale4Now.com on Delicious.com or your browser and check out the Deal 4 the Day every morning before heading off to work or every evening before going to bed.

There’s always something new and interesting and it’s often stuff you might miss out on if it weren’t for the Deal 4 the Day.

If you have the Firefox browser you can add the Morning Coffee add-on. Add 4Sale4Now.com to your morning coffee and all you have to do is click the little coffee cup to check out the Deal 4 the Day every day.

A Great Gift Brainstorming Tool

You need a gift for someone, but have no idea what to get them. No problem. Visit 4Sale4Now.com and click on the Deal 4 the Day. If today’s gift isn’t a match stop by tomorrow and check again. You’ll soon find a great gift for that special someone.

The Deal 4 the Day also does a great job of sparking other ideas for gifts. In his book Jump Start Your Brain Doug Hall says we typically approach brainstorming wrong. We usually bang our head against a wall trying to get something brilliant out of it.

What Hall suggests is that we draw ideas from around us rather than trying to draw ideas solely from inside our heads.

So, if you need to get a gift for someone, click on the Deal 4 the Day and use it to springboard you into other ideas for gifts. Maybe the Deal 4 the Day is a food dehydrator. The dehydrator isn’t quite the right gift, but it sparks the idea that a grill set would be perfect.

Scroll up to the search feature and search out grilling tools and you’ve got the perfect gift.

The Deal 4 the Day can be a lot of fun and a really handy tool. Use it every day.


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The Deal 4 the Week

Online sellers featured deal 4 the week.Online sellers featured deal 4 the week.Do you enjoy the anticipation of opening a gift as much as I do? If so, then the first thing you should do when you stop by 4Sale4Now.com, before even searching for the items you came to find, is click the “Deal 4 the Week” graphic.

You’ll be taken directly to the featured Deal 4 the Week.

You never know what you’re going to find in the Deal 4 the Week, but you’ll be amazed at what you can find. At the time I’m writing this, the Deal 4 the Week is a fantastic little emergency hammer with a utility knife that folds into the handle of the hammer. It would be a great little tool to have in your car in case of emergency.

Buy Gifts Early

Often I’ll check out the Deal 4 the Week to get ideas for gifts for my friends and family. I learned from my Grandmother than buying Christmas gifts early takes a lot of the hassle out of Christmas and allows you to enjoy it more. And, nobody knows you bought their gifts months early, so they’re no less appreciated than if you fought the crowds.

Keep a Stock of Emergency Gifts

Another thing I like to do with the Deal 4 the Week is stock up our “moments-notice” gift box. This is a box we keep tucked away and it’s loaded with gift wrap and general presents we can have wrapped and ready at a moment’s notice.

Our emergency gift box is a great tool when our kids are invited to a birthday party at the last minute (you wouldn’t believe how often that happens), or there’s an announcement at church that everyone is invited to a baby shower that evening.

When that happens we pull out the gift box, pick something appropriate, wrap it, and we’re ready to go.

In both these situations the Deal 4 the Week is as much fun for me as for the people receiving the gifts. I have fun finding out what the new Deal 4 the Week is, and my friends and family get neat gifts. It’s a win-win deal.

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Shop Smart by Reviewing Seller Ratings

reviewing seller ratingsSeller ratings are an important part of shopping online. They give buyers the confidence that they won’t be cheated on a purchase. But a simple five star rating system doesn’t provide enough information.

4Sale4Now.com takes a five star rating system, couples it with comments, and feeds the results to buyers in a format that allows buyers to tell (at a glance) just how good the seller is. Let’s discuss how to glean the information you need from seller ratings.

First Impressions with the Average Rating

To the left of every product is the name and general information of the seller. Click on the “click to view all contents” link and a comments window will open. The very first thing you will see is the “average rating.”

The average rating is a percentage based on how many stars the seller is rated by previous buyers. As a general rule, the higher the percentage, the better chance you’ll have a good experience with this seller.

There are some exceptions to the rule though.

Don’t click away too quickly if you see a 50% average rating. Check the number of buyers first. Every seller will tell you that you’ll run across some buyers that just can’t be pleased no matter what you do. If the seller you’re reviewing has only two buyers so far, it’s possible that one buyer was very difficult and the next 53 sales for this seller will all get 5 star reviews.

Repeat Buyers are Confident Buyers

If someone buys a second item from the same seller, obviously the seller did something right in that first transaction. Because of this, repeat buyers can be a great indicator of a quality seller.

Scan the buyer column of the comments window and see if you can find repeat comments by the same buyer. If you can find some repeat buyers, you’ll have a lot more confidence that the seller is reputable.

Total Comments by Rating

One of the features that gives real insight into a seller is the “total comments by rating” list. This feature tells you how many people rated the seller and how many stars each of them gave the seller.

If you find a seller who has one rating of zero stars and lots of 5 star ratings, you can be pretty confident that it was the buyer that was the problem in the zero star rating. Likewise, if you find a seller that has a 50% average rating but half of those are zero star ratings, you may have found a questionable seller.

Use 4Sale4Now.com’s powerful seller rating system to gain confidence in an employer prior to purchase. You could save yourself some headaches.

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Making the Most of Your Watch List

The watch list is a powerful tool on most online shopping sites, but 4Sale4Now.com takes the power of the watch list to the next level.

The Load and Cull Method

Try the “Load and Cull Method” for your watch list. Surf 4Sale4Now.com and add anything and everything you like to your watch list.

After adding a lot of items, go to your watch list and start culling out duplicate items. Maybe you added an mp3 player to your watch list and then came across another one that you liked better. In your watch list, you can cull out the one you like less and keep tabs on the one you liked better.

This is a really fast an efficient way to shop at 4Sale4Now.com. You don’t spend a lot of time comparing the items when they’re listed with hundreds of other items in our categories. Instead, you make an “at a glance” decision and really weigh which item is better when you’ve isolated the items into your watch list.

3 Ways to Track Watch List Items

4Sale4Now.com has three ways to keep tabs on items you have in your watch list. You can choose the method that’s most appropriate for your situation, or you can use all three methods to keep track of price drops on you watch list.


If you work at your computer most of the day, email tracking might be the best option for you.

I have my email software set to download every 10 minutes. If an item in my watch list drops in price, and email is sent and arrives in my inbox within a 10 minute window. I can click the link on that email, go directly to the item, and buy it before it sells out at the new price level.

Text Message

If you’re on the move a lot during the day, you might need to use text messaging to keep track of your watch list. If an item you’ve been tracking drops into your price range, an SMS text message will be sent to your phone. You can then hop on 4Sale4Now and purchase it at your next opportunity.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

If you have a feed reader like Google Reader or NewsGator, chances are you read through your news first thing in the morning. Make sure you also get news about price drops on items on your watch list by subscribing to your watch list’s RSS feed. A brief price update will appear in your feed reader allowing you to click through to the product and snap it up before it disappears.

A lot of shoppers don’t take advantage of the watch list. Consequently, they miss price drops only to find that someone else had been following the same item on their watch list and bought the item the moment it dropped into their price range. Don’t make the same mistake. Put the power of your watch list to work for you.

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