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Shop Smart by Reviewing Seller Ratings

reviewing seller ratingsSeller ratings are an important part of shopping online. They give buyers the confidence that they won’t be cheated on a purchase. But a simple five star rating system doesn’t provide enough information.

4Sale4Now.com takes a five star rating system, couples it with comments, and feeds the results to buyers in a format that allows buyers to tell (at a glance) just how good the seller is. Let’s discuss how to glean the information you need from seller ratings.

First Impressions with the Average Rating

To the left of every product is the name and general information of the seller. Click on the “click to view all contents” link and a comments window will open. The very first thing you will see is the “average rating.”

The average rating is a percentage based on how many stars the seller is rated by previous buyers. As a general rule, the higher the percentage, the better chance you’ll have a good experience with this seller.

There are some exceptions to the rule though.

Don’t click away too quickly if you see a 50% average rating. Check the number of buyers first. Every seller will tell you that you’ll run across some buyers that just can’t be pleased no matter what you do. If the seller you’re reviewing has only two buyers so far, it’s possible that one buyer was very difficult and the next 53 sales for this seller will all get 5 star reviews.

Repeat Buyers are Confident Buyers

If someone buys a second item from the same seller, obviously the seller did something right in that first transaction. Because of this, repeat buyers can be a great indicator of a quality seller.

Scan the buyer column of the comments window and see if you can find repeat comments by the same buyer. If you can find some repeat buyers, you’ll have a lot more confidence that the seller is reputable.

Total Comments by Rating

One of the features that gives real insight into a seller is the “total comments by rating” list. This feature tells you how many people rated the seller and how many stars each of them gave the seller.

If you find a seller who has one rating of zero stars and lots of 5 star ratings, you can be pretty confident that it was the buyer that was the problem in the zero star rating. Likewise, if you find a seller that has a 50% average rating but half of those are zero star ratings, you may have found a questionable seller.

Use 4Sale4Now.com’s powerful seller rating system to gain confidence in an employer prior to purchase. You could save yourself some headaches.


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