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Deal 4 the DayDeal 4 the DayThe Deal 4 the Day, just like the Deal 4 the Week, is always a surprise. If you tune into QVC and watch just to see what’s available, then you’ll love the Deal 4 the Day.

Start the Day With a Little Fun

Bookmark 4Sale4Now.com on Delicious.com or your browser and check out the Deal 4 the Day every morning before heading off to work or every evening before going to bed.

There’s always something new and interesting and it’s often stuff you might miss out on if it weren’t for the Deal 4 the Day.

If you have the Firefox browser you can add the Morning Coffee add-on. Add 4Sale4Now.com to your morning coffee and all you have to do is click the little coffee cup to check out the Deal 4 the Day every day.

A Great Gift Brainstorming Tool

You need a gift for someone, but have no idea what to get them. No problem. Visit 4Sale4Now.com and click on the Deal 4 the Day. If today’s gift isn’t a match stop by tomorrow and check again. You’ll soon find a great gift for that special someone.

The Deal 4 the Day also does a great job of sparking other ideas for gifts. In his book Jump Start Your Brain Doug Hall says we typically approach brainstorming wrong. We usually bang our head against a wall trying to get something brilliant out of it.

What Hall suggests is that we draw ideas from around us rather than trying to draw ideas solely from inside our heads.

So, if you need to get a gift for someone, click on the Deal 4 the Day and use it to springboard you into other ideas for gifts. Maybe the Deal 4 the Day is a food dehydrator. The dehydrator isn’t quite the right gift, but it sparks the idea that a grill set would be perfect.

Scroll up to the search feature and search out grilling tools and you’ve got the perfect gift.

The Deal 4 the Day can be a lot of fun and a really handy tool. Use it every day.


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