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Buy Something Online Before Selling Something Online

One of the first things you learn in marketing is that you need to get inside the heads of your prospective customers and see things from their perspective. This is true whether you’re doing marketing for a large company, or trying to sell something at 4Sale4Now.com.

One of the ways you can do this is by going through the buying process at 4Sale4Now yourself.

Understand Online Selling From Buyer’s Viewpoint

Get on 4Sale4Now.com and do some shopping. It doesn’t really matter if you have something in mind that you’d like to purchase, or if you just want to browse the items for sale and find something you’d like to have.

As a seller, you’ll have some of each of these types of customers. Some people will be specifically looking for the products you’re selling and others will simply stumble on your products in the process of searching or browsing.

If you’re shopping for a particular item, notice the steps you go through to find that item. You might enter the item in the search feature. If you see some results that match what you’re looking for, you click through and read more. If you don’t, you likely add more terms to the search field.

As a seller, this shows you the importance of getting keywords into your product title and description. Be as specific as possible. Many buyers will enter brand and model into a search. If you list brand and model, you’ll make the list on their search.

If you’re browsing, think through the things that catch your attention as you’re browsing through the long lists of products available on 4Sale4Now.com. Listings that jump off the page for you will probably work well in your listings. Is it a picture that catches your attention? Is it a product title? What about that photo makes it stand out so well.

Answer questions like this and you’ll have a lot of insight into what makes a powerful product advertisement. Create powerful product ads and you’ll make more money.

Understand Your Buyers’ Concerns and Address Them

Going through the 4Sale4Now buying process from start to delivery will give you insight into more than just what stands out to potential buyers. You’ll also learn a great deal about the concerns buyers might have and how to calm their fears.

As you’re surfing 4Sale4Now for something to buy, become conscious of the questions that are running through your mind.

  • Will it fit me?
  • Can I get the color I want?
  • What if it arrives and doesn’t function?
  • Does it have quality construction?
  • Will it hold up under the use I intend for it?

There’s more to properly selling an item than just describing the item in detail. You have to try to alleviate your prospective buyer’s fear.

Think of it in terms of the old scales merchants once used. On the one side, weighing very heavy are all the concerns, fears, and anxieties your prospective buyer has. On the other side of the scales, balancing, and eventually outweighing, those anxieties is all the value the product has. Every time you show the buyer another benefit, a guarantee, a bonus gift, or anything like these, you add more weight to your side of the scales. Eventually, the buyer’s fears are relieved and they buy your product.

Take some time to buy a product or two from 4Sale4Now. The investment will be well worth. You’ll sell more products when you understand the process from both sides and you’ll have an edge on your competition. It’s one of the easiest ways to succeed at selling something online.


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Tips for Searching at 4Sale4Now.com

On 4Sale4Now.com there are three ways to search; by product, by service, by seller.


Product searches on 4Sale4Now.com are pretty much like any product search on any other ecommerce site. So, standard searching rules apply.

It’s best to use the macro to micro approach. What that means is simply that you start by entering a big, broad, very general term and add search terms to that broad term if the results list is too big.

For instance, if you do a product search for cell phones, you’ll get pages and pages of results. From there you’ll want to narrow your list of results down a bit. Add the word iPhone to your search terms and you’ll get just the listings for iPhones.


We have some great services available on 4Sale4Now.com. Some are practical, like pet services and home & garden. Others are just plain nice, like a gift certificate to a spa or dinner at a nice restaurant.

In fact, a guy could really treat his girl nice by giving her both. A spa treatment followed by a romantic dinner. Nice.


The ability to search based on a seller is something that’s unique to 4Sale4Now. If you have a seller you really like, you can search for other products and services they’re selling. Just click the drop-menus and select seller and you can search for the sellers you’ve done business with before.

You don’t even have to remember a seller’s name to find them. If you know what types of products or services they sell, just select “seller” from the drop-down menu and enter the product or service. 4Sale4Now.com will find the seller for you.

There are lots of ways to search on 4Sale4Now.com, which gives you lots of ways to find what you’re shopping for.

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