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Tips for Searching at 4Sale4Now.com

On 4Sale4Now.com there are three ways to search; by product, by service, by seller.


Product searches on 4Sale4Now.com are pretty much like any product search on any other ecommerce site. So, standard searching rules apply.

It’s best to use the macro to micro approach. What that means is simply that you start by entering a big, broad, very general term and add search terms to that broad term if the results list is too big.

For instance, if you do a product search for cell phones, you’ll get pages and pages of results. From there you’ll want to narrow your list of results down a bit. Add the word iPhone to your search terms and you’ll get just the listings for iPhones.


We have some great services available on 4Sale4Now.com. Some are practical, like pet services and home & garden. Others are just plain nice, like a gift certificate to a spa or dinner at a nice restaurant.

In fact, a guy could really treat his girl nice by giving her both. A spa treatment followed by a romantic dinner. Nice.


The ability to search based on a seller is something that’s unique to 4Sale4Now. If you have a seller you really like, you can search for other products and services they’re selling. Just click the drop-menus and select seller and you can search for the sellers you’ve done business with before.

You don’t even have to remember a seller’s name to find them. If you know what types of products or services they sell, just select “seller” from the drop-down menu and enter the product or service. 4Sale4Now.com will find the seller for you.

There are lots of ways to search on 4Sale4Now.com, which gives you lots of ways to find what you’re shopping for.

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