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Selling Your First Item on 4Sale4Now.com

Selling on 4Sale4Now.com is really easy. Most of the work comes with the setup that revolves around selling your first item. So, let’s quickly go through that setup process and get you started in the most revolutionary online buying process available on the internet.

Creating Your Account

Your journey on 4Sale4Now begins with a big orange button that says “Sign Up 4 an Account.” It’s in the upper right corner of the homepage at 4Sale4Now.com where it’s easy to spot.

Click that button and you’ll be taken to a page with a form to fill out. That registers you as a member of the exciting new 4Sale4Now community.

Once a member, you’ll tell us what kind of member you are, either a buyer or a seller. All registered members are already free to buy online. Selling at 4Sale4Now.com requires just a little more information.

To be a seller, login with your username and password and click the “my account” link at the top of the page. In the main menu in the left column, click “sellers” link. Then click “start selling now” and you’ll find the sellers form. Fill it out and you’re ready to sell at 4Sale4Now.com.

However, if you want an edge on other sellers, I’d suggest you read Buy Something Before Selling Something Online. After reading that you’ll probably want to experience buying something on 4Sale4Now.com.

Getting Better Value with a Listing Package

You’ll notice we offer big discounts for larger listing packages. If you’d like to keep more profit on your items in the end, you’ll definitely want to save money right from the beginning and package listings will do this for you.

The listing structure (as of this posting) is as follows:

5 – $10 ($2 each) Starter Pack
10 – $19 ($1.90 each) Good Deal
20 – $36 ($1.80 each) Better Deal
100 – $150 ($1.50 each) Best Deal

You can also enhance your listing with bold type, border, priority search results, highlighting, and featured listing on the homepage. These features give you an advantage over your competition and give your products more visibility than theirs.

Discount and Pricing Models

There are a variety of discount structures to choose from on 4Sale4Now. Which one is right for you and the products you’re selling? Testing is always a good way to determine that.

Set different discount structures for your products, run them through an entire selling cycle, and see which one sells the best.

For instance, let’s say you’re selling cds. You might set one run to discount at 2%, another to discount at 5%, and another run to discount at 10%. Run them all at the same time and see which one works best for you.

One thing to remember about testing different discount structures though is that the bottom line isn’t necessarily which discount structure sells more product. The bottom line is really about the bottom line. Which makes you more money? After all, that’s what your selling online for, isn’t it?

That’s really all there is to getting started selling online at 4Sale4Now. Jump right in. Start selling some products. You’ll soon find your niche and create a system that makes you consistent money at 4Sale4Now.

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