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Deciding What to Sell

There are a couple factors that come into play when you’re deciding what to sell at 4Sale4Now. Both of these factors are important to your online selling success.

One word of caution though. Don’t over-think these factors too much. You want to consider each factor a bit. After that, just jump in and sell something. You may spend the first couple months as a 4Sale4Now seller trying several product types before you finally settle on your niche as a seller.

Sell What You’re Interested In

Let’s face it, if you aren’t having fun selling stuff, it can become just another job. When this happens, your 4Sale4Now business will disappear (and with it the income you were getting from it). Avoid this by choosing to sell something you’re really interested in.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in health and beauty products, or environmentally friendly products, or electronics. If the niche fascinates you, you’ll spend more time finding new things to sell and learning more about the items your selling. You’ll describe your products more vividly and accurately and you’ll have much more happy customers.

Sell Stuff That Moves

Every industry has stuff that sells like hotcakes and stuff that never really makes a big splash. You want to have a variety of items for sale on your 4Sale4Now account so that you hit a variety of shoppers, but there’s really no sense in wasting your time with items that will probably make you very little money for all the time you put into promoting them.

If you want to find out what items in your niche are selling well, do a little research.

Begin with a search. In the search box, enter your niche category (games, electronics, health products, fitness) and then add the term “best selling” to the search. You’ll come up with a list of the best selling items in your category. Don’t use this list just as a tool instructing you what to sell, use it as brain food to brainstorm up ideas for other things that might sell well.

Maybe you’re targeting board games and find out that card games are huge sellers among board game enthusiasts. So, you can add some card games to your list of items to sell.

Another good tool for finding hot items to sell is Amazon. Click on the appropriate category. Near the top there is a “Best Sellers” tab. That tab will tell you all the items on Amazon that are selling well. If they sell well on Amazon, they’ll probably sell well for you too.

Find a bunch of items you’re interested in that are also selling well online and you’ll have discovered exactly the types of things you should be selling on 4Sale4Now. So, get out there and find your perfect products.


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