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Getting Good Reviews from Your Buyers

The star rating on 4Sale4Now.com is a great way to give your buyers the trust they need to have in you as a seller. Buyers feel more comfortable purchasing from a seller that has a 4 or 5 star rating than one that hasn’t even been reviewed yet.

Two Important Parts of Customer Reviews

Getting a 5 Star Rating

The 5 star rating is the visible part of a customer review. If a buyer wants to know how professional you are as a seller, they check your star rating. So, make sure you ask your customers to rate you when their buying experience is complete.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a 3 star rating is average, 4 stars is above average, and 5 stars is excellent. The online shopping world is very demanding. In this world a 4 star rating is average, and a 5 star rating is above average. You have to score at least 4 stars or your rating can actually hurt your selling power.

That’s why I suggest you specifically ask for a 5 star rating. It gives your customers a starting point rather than letting them choose the starting point. If a buyer isn’t happy with some part of the transaction and you’re asking them to rate you at 5 stars, they’ll probably drop you to a 4 star rating, but it’s likely they won’t go as low as 3 stars.

Getting Feedback in the Comments

The other part of customer review is comments. These comments aren’t visible to your other shoppers, but they help you improve yourself so you can become a better seller for the next customer.

Customer comments are only helpful if they’re specific enough, so ask your customers to be specific about what they did or didn’t like about your service. Were they happy with the product? Did it arrive on time? Did it arrive in good condition?

These are they types of questions you need answers to if you’re going to improve the buying experience for future shoppers. If you discover that your shipping methods are sub-par, find a different shipper. If items are arriving damaged, change packaging.

There are countless ways you can improve your 4Sale4Now business, and most of them start by finding out what exactly needs improvement.

So the next time you write a product description be sure to include something like this at the bottom.

“If you enjoyed your experience buying from me, please take the time to give me a 5 star rating. I would also appreciate any tips you have on how I can improve. So, send me some specific comments. I love feedback.”

If you do this, you’ll soon have a number of great ratings and lots of good feedback. Your shoppers will be more apt to pull the trigger on buying from you, and you’ll get some very specific insight into what buyers don’t like, and what you can do to improve your business.

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