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Writing Eye-Catching Product Descriptions

Your product description is the only chance you’ll have a turning a browser into a buyer, so you need to make sure it’s good. You need to give complete information, but complete information is often not enough to make the sale.

Use these tips to to turn “thinking about it” people into “gotta have it” people.

Be Thorough

Because the product description is the only place where you can communicate with your buyer about the product you’re selling, you need to give them all the information necessary to make a buying decision.

Be sure to include brand, model, storage capacity, featured functions, any compatibility issues, and anything else your buyers might want to know about.

This will do two things for you. First, it’ll give those browsing your products all the information they need to make a buying decision.

The buying process is like a set of scales. On the one side, weighing a great deal, is the things that make people hesitant about buying your product: parting with their hard-earned money, giving out their precious credit card information, fear of not getting value for their money, etc.

On the other side of the scales are all the reasons you can give them to make them want to buy from you. You need to load this as heavily as possible, and you start with all the features your product has that will benefit them.

Secondly, giving all the features of your product will save you from having people return items because they didn’t fit their needs. If your software isn’t Mac compatible, mention that or Mac owners will send your stuff back in frustration. If your cell phone only works with certain carriers, tell people.

Point Out Benefits

Listing all the features of an item is important, but it’s not what will really sell your product. You see, people don’t truly care about the features of a product, they really care about the benefits they get from the product.

There’s an old adage in marketing that says people don’t want a quarter-inch drill bit, they want a quarter-inch hole. And there’s a lot of truth to that.

When Apple was marketing their iPhone, they hit the nail on the head. While others were pointing out features (how much storage capacity they had), Apple focused on the benefit and simply told their buyers that they could get 1000 songs in their pocket. In reality buyers didn’t care how much storage space MP3 players had, they just wanted to know how many songs they could carry.

The funny thing about buyers is that, for some reason, they need to be told the benefits they get from the features available. You would think that mentioning the gas mileage the scooter you’re selling gets would be enough, but it often means little to them. They still need you to tell them that they can get to work and back for two weeks without re-filling the tank.

If you can master these two important factors as you write your product descriptions you’ll sell more product and have happier customers. And happy customers come back time after time after time.


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Turning Crafts Into Cash

There are lots of reasons you might want to sell things you make at home.

  • Increasing expenses
  • New baby in the home
  • Layoffs
  • Play money
  • Always wanted to own your own business

But before you start selling your crafts, you’ll want to decide which route you’re going to take. Picking your route will help you succeed at selling crafts online.

Take the Artist Route

If the thought of churning out large numbers of your handcrafts seems to take the craftsmanship out of your work, you’ll probably want to consider taking the artist’s route to sales.

Let’s say you build wind chimes. As an artist, you’ll spend time with one wind chime, giving it your special attention, and it’s own unique character. It will become a reflection of your personality and style.

This takes much more time than the business owner’s route, but it’s often well worth it. Your buyer gets a one-of-a-kind piece and you make a good price on a single item.

The artist’s route is perfect if your love for your craft outweighs everything else.

Take the Business Owners Route

If your primary concern, when selling your crafts online, is money, then the business owner’s route is probably the route for you.

As a business owner, you’ll probably focus as much on streamlining the method as putting out a great product. Speed will likely become a factor. After all, if you can make and sell more items faster, you’ll make more money.

If you’re selling birdhouses you might be able to break the process into steps and construct 10 or 15 birdhouses at once. You might cut all the pieces for 10 birdhouses at once. Then you could glue and tack the houses. Finally, you would paint your entire lot of houses, and, in the end, you’d have 10 birdhouses to sell in the time it might take you to produce just three birdhouses if you built them one at a time.

Regardless of the route you take, you can make money selling your crafts online. The route you take is completely up to you and is often simply a reflection of your personality.

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Tips for Musicians Selling Their CDs and Gear

The early stages of a musician’s career require a lot self promotion. One of the biggest challenges to that is the fact that, at the beginning of your career your “self” doesn’t have a lot of money to promote with.

One good strategy for establishing yourself and catching the eye of a producer or agent, is using online selling venues like 4Sale4Now.com to sell your cds and your gear.

  • Get broader recognition
  • Prove that you work hard at promoting yourself
  • Make money that you can roll into expensive forms of promotion

Increased Recognition

You can (and should) try selling your music in the highly competitive venues. That’s where your most targeted market will be found. But the competition is also intense and your music can easily become lost in all the noise.

Selling in additional marketplaces allows your music to stand out because it isn’t being drowned out by so much clutter. Plus, these additional venues might have just as much of a targeted market for you.

If an online sales site has a category for music, the visitors to that market are often just as targeted as visitors to mainstream music outlets. If they have a subcategory for your music, that’s even better.

Take advantage of sites like 4Sale4Now.com and use them to broaden your recognition.

Show Your Ability to Market Yourself

Agents realize that they’ll have a lot easier job selling you to a producer if they can prove that you’ll have the ability and drive to continue promoting yourself. The reason for this is that if a producer’s marketing staff is promoting you, and you’re promoting yourself, they’ll sell more of your stuff. They’ll make more money, and that always makes a producer happy.

If you’ve proven your ability to not only promote yourself but to consistently sell your own stuff (both music and gear), you’ll get noticed.

Use 4Sale4Now.com as Means of Funding Other Things

Any good business owner knows you need to roll a lot of money back into the business in the early stages. On average business consultants suggest putting 30% of everything the business earns back into the things that make a business run (supplies, marketing, etc.).

If you’re having trouble doing that, selling your stuff on 4Sale4Now.com would be an excellent way to make the money necessary to increase exposure. Just designate all the money you make at 4Sale4Now.com to go directly into paying for the expensive avenues of promotion that most of your competition can’t afford to do.

It’ll put you ahead of your competition, help your sphere of influence start to snowball, and give you a better chance of getting notice, and, more importantly, picked up by an agent.

Broader recognition, a chance to prove yourself, and make money doing it. Not a bad deal.

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How 4Sale4Now is Better Than Online Auctions

There are lots of things that make 4Sale4Now a better buying experience than online auction sites. We’ve listed ten, in fact. Ten ways that make the buying experience at 4Sale4Now better, and that give sellers an edge.

1. No Bidding, Just Buying

You don’t have to wait until the bidding is done. You just buy the item. Not just on some items… on all of them.

2. Prices Go Down Not Up

You don’t watch the price of the item you want climb out of your price range. Instead, you watch the price fall as it gets more deeply discounted. Don’t wait too long though or it might sell out.

3. Get What You Want Without Getting Out-Bid

There’s no more frustration of watching your high bid disappear in the last couple second when it’s too late to enter a new bid and get the item. If you want it, you just buy it.

4. No Hidden Fees or Complicated Calculations

Every listing is $2 and the final sale fee is 4%. It’s as simple as that.

5. Simple and Easy to Use and Understand

4Sale4Now is easy to use. You can search out a specific product with the search function. You can browse the categories listed on the left. You can even browse items based on how many times their price has dropped or what percentage discount you’re getting.

What could be easier?

6. Savings You Can See

With auction sites you can sometimes figure out how much you saved on an item by combing through lists of items that have sold and doing the math. But with 4Sale4Now, you know right up front, and before you’ve even purchased, just how much you’re saving.

7. Sales of Up to 50% Off

Many deals go as far as 50% off the listed price of the item. You can get two for the price of one, or just buy one and know you saved yourself a ton of money.

8. Search for Sales that Fit Your Budget

With online auctions, you don’t know whether an item is within your budget, because you don’t know how much it’s going to sell for. With 4Sale4Now, you can browse items in your price range knowing that they will remain in your price range and get discounted even more.

9. Proven Natural Way to Buy and Sell

This is the most natural and money saving way to buy online. When you shop brick-and-mortar stores, you wait for items to go on sale or clearance. It’s the best way of getting more for your money. Now you can do the same online.

10. Better Deals by the Day!

All the above amounts to one thing, the deals just keep getting better day by day.

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