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How 4Sale4Now is Better Than Online Auctions

There are lots of things that make 4Sale4Now a better buying experience than online auction sites. We’ve listed ten, in fact. Ten ways that make the buying experience at 4Sale4Now better, and that give sellers an edge.

1. No Bidding, Just Buying

You don’t have to wait until the bidding is done. You just buy the item. Not just on some items… on all of them.

2. Prices Go Down Not Up

You don’t watch the price of the item you want climb out of your price range. Instead, you watch the price fall as it gets more deeply discounted. Don’t wait too long though or it might sell out.

3. Get What You Want Without Getting Out-Bid

There’s no more frustration of watching your high bid disappear in the last couple second when it’s too late to enter a new bid and get the item. If you want it, you just buy it.

4. No Hidden Fees or Complicated Calculations

Every listing is $2 and the final sale fee is 4%. It’s as simple as that.

5. Simple and Easy to Use and Understand

4Sale4Now is easy to use. You can search out a specific product with the search function. You can browse the categories listed on the left. You can even browse items based on how many times their price has dropped or what percentage discount you’re getting.

What could be easier?

6. Savings You Can See

With auction sites you can sometimes figure out how much you saved on an item by combing through lists of items that have sold and doing the math. But with 4Sale4Now, you know right up front, and before you’ve even purchased, just how much you’re saving.

7. Sales of Up to 50% Off

Many deals go as far as 50% off the listed price of the item. You can get two for the price of one, or just buy one and know you saved yourself a ton of money.

8. Search for Sales that Fit Your Budget

With online auctions, you don’t know whether an item is within your budget, because you don’t know how much it’s going to sell for. With 4Sale4Now, you can browse items in your price range knowing that they will remain in your price range and get discounted even more.

9. Proven Natural Way to Buy and Sell

This is the most natural and money saving way to buy online. When you shop brick-and-mortar stores, you wait for items to go on sale or clearance. It’s the best way of getting more for your money. Now you can do the same online.

10. Better Deals by the Day!

All the above amounts to one thing, the deals just keep getting better day by day.


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