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Tips for Musicians Selling Their CDs and Gear

The early stages of a musician’s career require a lot self promotion. One of the biggest challenges to that is the fact that, at the beginning of your career your “self” doesn’t have a lot of money to promote with.

One good strategy for establishing yourself and catching the eye of a producer or agent, is using online selling venues like 4Sale4Now.com to sell your cds and your gear.

  • Get broader recognition
  • Prove that you work hard at promoting yourself
  • Make money that you can roll into expensive forms of promotion

Increased Recognition

You can (and should) try selling your music in the highly competitive venues. That’s where your most targeted market will be found. But the competition is also intense and your music can easily become lost in all the noise.

Selling in additional marketplaces allows your music to stand out because it isn’t being drowned out by so much clutter. Plus, these additional venues might have just as much of a targeted market for you.

If an online sales site has a category for music, the visitors to that market are often just as targeted as visitors to mainstream music outlets. If they have a subcategory for your music, that’s even better.

Take advantage of sites like 4Sale4Now.com and use them to broaden your recognition.

Show Your Ability to Market Yourself

Agents realize that they’ll have a lot easier job selling you to a producer if they can prove that you’ll have the ability and drive to continue promoting yourself. The reason for this is that if a producer’s marketing staff is promoting you, and you’re promoting yourself, they’ll sell more of your stuff. They’ll make more money, and that always makes a producer happy.

If you’ve proven your ability to not only promote yourself but to consistently sell your own stuff (both music and gear), you’ll get noticed.

Use 4Sale4Now.com as Means of Funding Other Things

Any good business owner knows you need to roll a lot of money back into the business in the early stages. On average business consultants suggest putting 30% of everything the business earns back into the things that make a business run (supplies, marketing, etc.).

If you’re having trouble doing that, selling your stuff on 4Sale4Now.com would be an excellent way to make the money necessary to increase exposure. Just designate all the money you make at 4Sale4Now.com to go directly into paying for the expensive avenues of promotion that most of your competition can’t afford to do.

It’ll put you ahead of your competition, help your sphere of influence start to snowball, and give you a better chance of getting notice, and, more importantly, picked up by an agent.

Broader recognition, a chance to prove yourself, and make money doing it. Not a bad deal.


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