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#1 Key to Connecting with Your Buyer

Key to Connecting with Buyers

Making a sale begins with making a connection with your buyer. And making that connection begins with a simple (but often misunderstood) truth about the world wide web.

People Buy from People Not from Websites

When someone stops by 4Sale4Now.com and reads your product description, you’ll have better success if you can make it personal.

Apple made a killing with this concept when advertising their iPod. While all the other mp3 players were talking in sterile tones about how many GB their mp3 player had, Apple put its arm around its customer, held out an iPod, and simply said, “1000 songs in your pocket.”

Give your visitors the feel that you’re talking directly to them rather than simply spouting a bunch of features. They need to hear about the features too, but make sure you present them in a way that’s personal.

Treat Your Description as a One-on-One Conversation

Not only do people buy from people, but they like to feel like they are the only one you’re talking to. People want to feel like they’re somebody special and not just a number. Even mega companies like Walmart work hard at this.

Despite the fact that multi-millions of customers go through their doors every day, they try to make each one feel important. That’s why the greeter is at the door welcoming you to Walmart.

Make people feel like you’re a friend offering another friend something that can make their life better in some way and you’ll improve your sales drastically.


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Correct Packing Means No Damage Returns

package the products you sell onlineVery few things hurt your income more than replacing items that got damaged during shipping. Here are a few tips to help you not only ensure your products will arrive at their destination, but give the type of professional image that wins you return customers.

Get the Right Packaging Materials


Use double-walled boxes in all your packing. Look at the edge of one of your box flaps. If you can see two sheets of cardboard with a wavy cardboard cushion between them, you have a double-walled box. If not, get rid of it and get another.

If you’re reusing boxes, make sure their integrity isn’t compromised. A box that has one of the corners slightly crumpled might be ok. But if one of the edges between the corners is dented, the box could collapse even further at that point. Replace the box.


It might seem like one kind of tape is just as good as another. And we all know the jokes about duct tape being the handyman’s perfect tool. Still, one type of tape is not like another. Each has their own purpose and each has situations in which they can fail.

When packaging your products, use true packaging tape. You can use the brown kind or the clear kind, but make sure it’s true packaging tape. The adhesive is specially designed to adhere to box material without tearing loose. Both duct tape and masking tape can fail while your package is being delivered and both present a sub-professional image.

Packing Tips

Do You Need to Double-Box

If you deal in extremely fragile items, you might want to consider double-boxing. Double-boxing is exactly what it sounds like. You put your item in a box and put that box inside another box.

Pack your fragile item in a box that it properly fits making sure to wrap the item in bubble wrap. Seal the box and wrap the entire box in a layer or two of bubble wrap. Then lower the entire package into another box.

This technique is especially good if you’re shipping things that are not only fragile, but also rare, such as antiques.


If you ship electronic equipment and you include batteries, ship the item without the batteries actually installed. Remove the batteries and pack them separately before putting them in the box with your product. Make sure the batteries are obvious though, so your buyer doesn’t accidentally throw away the batteries with their box.

If you take the time to package your items properly, your products will arrive safe and sound, and you packaging efforts will make it obvious that you’re a professional.

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