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#1 Key to Connecting with Your Buyer

Key to Connecting with Buyers

Making a sale begins with making a connection with your buyer. And making that connection begins with a simple (but often misunderstood) truth about the world wide web.

People Buy from People Not from Websites

When someone stops by 4Sale4Now.com and reads your product description, you’ll have better success if you can make it personal.

Apple made a killing with this concept when advertising their iPod. While all the other mp3 players were talking in sterile tones about how many GB their mp3 player had, Apple put its arm around its customer, held out an iPod, and simply said, “1000 songs in your pocket.”

Give your visitors the feel that you’re talking directly to them rather than simply spouting a bunch of features. They need to hear about the features too, but make sure you present them in a way that’s personal.

Treat Your Description as a One-on-One Conversation

Not only do people buy from people, but they like to feel like they are the only one you’re talking to. People want to feel like they’re somebody special and not just a number. Even mega companies like Walmart work hard at this.

Despite the fact that multi-millions of customers go through their doors every day, they try to make each one feel important. That’s why the greeter is at the door welcoming you to Walmart.

Make people feel like you’re a friend offering another friend something that can make their life better in some way and you’ll improve your sales drastically.

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