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Mom’s are Driving Internet Sales

online shopping momsMom’s have been managing family purchases for centuries, and now they’re taking to the internet in droves to find simple and convenient ways to shop for their family’s needs.

Don’t Miss Out on This Huge Online Shopping Market

According to research by emarketer, in 2008 33.9 million women with children shopped on the internet at least once a month. That number is expected to grow to 36.1 million by 2013.

Selling stuff to internet moms is a great opportunity. You make life easier for a busy mother by allowing them to shop from home and have their items shipped directly to their home. And you can make some sizable, consistent income.

If only 1% of those moms sees your product that’s 339,000 product views. If you can get a meager 1% of those to actually make a purchase, you just made 3,400 sales. At $20 profit per sale, you just made $68,000!

And these are conservative numbers. Actually, a 1% conversion rate is on the low side.

Who are They Shopping For?

Research shows that 44% of these online moms are shopping for something for themselves. 45% are shopping for something for their kids. Online or off, moms continue to be the family managers.

Tap into this by offering products that help these moms supply their families with the things they need and want.

Don’t forget about the other 11%. It represents all the things that moms purchase for their husbands, other family members, and friends. 11% of 33.9 million moms amounts to 3,729,000 moms shopping for someone other than them or their kids.

What are They Shopping Online For?

What kinds of products do online shopping moms buy? Here’s a short list of the most popular items they purchased in 2008. Chances are good they’ll continue shopping for these items online.

Find a niche in any one of these areas and you’ll tap into the massive online mom market.

The greatest challenge of course is getting your products in front of these 33.9 million online moms. At 4Sale4Now, we take care of that for you. We heavily promote the 4Sale4Now website allowing you to focus on finding a line of products that will make you consistent income.

We find the moms and you find the products they need. Together we make a great team.


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