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Online Shopping is Playing Catch-Up With 4Sale4Now.com

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There’s a thread building on our forum right now in which one of our members brings up an interesting thought. The member speculates whether eBay is now playing catch-up with 4Sale4Now.com.In that post, scriptor makes some interesting observations. I thought I’d take some time to consider those ideas here at the blog. If you want to read the full forum thread you can read it here.

Changing Landscape of Online Shopping

Our world is changing rapidly and the internet is no exception to that rule. If a company isn’t innovative, it gets left behind. Kmart gets left in the dust by upstart Walmart. The big three in the auto industry struggle to get their finances in order while Nissan, Toyota, and Honda flourish. And, on the internet, mega social networks like MySpace lose their grip to new sites like Facebook.

In 2013 we’ll all laugh at how we used to shop online, and the companies that are more innovative and more revolutionary are going to be the companies that remain standing when the dust settles.

The Buy Now Button is Everywhere

There was a time when the world was enamored by an online auction site where you could buy stuff and have it shipped directly to you. No longer.

People have grown tired of waiting for auctions to end, only to find out they didn’t win the auction anyhow. They want the product they’re looking at and they like the feeling of knowing that if they click on that buy button, they WILL get what they want.

EBay has tried to address this with their buy now button, and eBay shoppers are definitely responding, but that’s only one side of the new online shopping coin.

How 4Sale4Now’s Revolutionary System Addresses Changes

People don’t just want to get the product they want when they click on it. They also want to get a great deal. The eBay buy now button is more like a trade off for shoppers. Either wait seven days and pray for a good deal, or forget about the good deal, click the buy now button and make sure you actually get the item.

At 4Sale4Now, we give online shoppers both. When our members click that buy button, they assure themselves of getting the product they wanted. They don’t have to wait seven days. They don’t have to wonder if someone will out-bid them.

But, they also get to watch the price fall instead of rise. At any given price drop they’re getting a better deal and whenever they want, they can click the buy button and have that item shipped to their home.

Make no mistake, the world of online shopping is changing rapidly, and 4Sale4Now is leading the charge.

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