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3 Steps to Safe Online Shopping

1- Look for the Security Logo

The security logo is typically found in the footer of a web page. At the 4Sale4Now.com website you can find the McAfee Secure logo in the footer of any page. Just go to the homepage and scroll to the bottom. You’ll find it prominently placed in the middle of the footer.mcafee secure online shopping logo

Only work with websites that have a recognizable, reputable company protecting their site. For example, McAfee has not only been protecting business websites for many years, they’ve won more than 50 awards for outstanding achievement.

2- Find the S in the URL

Go to any website on the web and you’ll find the hypertext transport protocol in the url. 4Sale4Now’s Facebook Fanpage address looks like http://www.facebook.com/4Sale4Now and begins with http (hypertext transport protocol).

secure shoppingA secure site will add an “S” to that http. 4Sale4Now’s shopping cart looks like this https://www.4sale4now.com/store/cart.aspx and begins with https, which is the secure version of http. If you see the “S,” you know that you’re on a secure server. If you don’t see the “S,” don’t send your personal information.

3- Locked or Unlocked

The third way to assure yourself that you’re working with a secure server and can safely send your personal information is the small padlock at the bottom of your web browser. It’s usually found in either the lower right hand corner or lower left hand corner of your web browser.secure shopping locked page

This little padlock will be open (unlocked) if the site you are on is not secure, or closed (locked) if the site is secure. Before entering any personal information, make sure the padlock is locked. Then you’ll know the information you’re sending is encrypted and can only be viewed by an authorized party.

Online shopping has gotten extremely safe in the last couple years. The banking industry has moved to a lot of online banking, and this has forced web developers to come up with powerful ways to keep prying eyes out of your personal business.

Make sure you follow these three steps to safe online shopping and you can buy with confidence.

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