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How Consumers Shop Online

online shopping graphChannel Advisor has come out with an interesting little white paper entitled How Consumers Shop Online. You can read the entire white paper here, but I wanted to touch on some of the high points that really impact how we go about selling our products on 4Sale4Now.com.

Same Time Online But Spending Less

On the surface this seems like bad news for online sellers, but it’s not. What this means is that online shoppers are getting more and more sophisticated in their shopping. They’re looking around more and trying to find the best deals.

4Sale4Now’s discount structure makes this a great opportunity for sellers. Online shoppers that stop by 4Sale4Now are more apt to add your products to their watch list. Yes, they’ll probably look around for the same products elsewhere, but the fact that 4Sale4Now has better deals by the day, means more online shoppers will be buying your products.

Impact of Peer Ratings

If you’ve been reading the 4Sale4Now blog for some time you’ll remember that back in March we discussed Getting Good Reviews From Your Buyers. That advice is more critical than ever.

Online shoppers are relying more and more on other online shoppers when making buying decisions. If you haven’t read “Getting Good Reviews From Your Buyers” you should click over there as soon as you’re done reading this post.

The biggest reason sellers don’t get good reviews? Are you ready for this?… They don’t ask for them. So, when someone buys one of your products on 4Sale4Now, thank them for their business and ask them to give you a good review. Don’t ask them for “a review” ask them for “a good review.”

As you accumulate more and more reviews, your confidence level with other online shoppers will skyrocket.

Well, those are the major points I wanted to mention. What do you think? How can 4Sale4Now sellers make the most of the information that Channel Advisor dug up on online shopping. Head over to the 4Sale4Now forums, click on the “online shopping trends” discussion, and let us know what you think are the trends that have the most impact on online shopping.


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