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4Sale4Now Forum

The 4Sale4Now forum is live and ready for discussion. If you have a question or comment, stop by and share. Or, just drop in to read what others are saying.

For Buyers

For buying members of 4Sale4Now, who haven’t yet started selling their own products at the site, we have an entire category dedicated to sharing shopping tips that you’ve come across.

Have you tried adding search terms that worked well for you? Found a new feature on 4Sale4Now that you weren’t aware of? This is a great place to share what you’ve discovered about shopping on 4Sale4Now.com and find out what others have been doing to make their shopping experience more exciting.

For Sellers

Our tips and tricks section also has a category for sellers. Here you’ll find what other sellers are doing to maximize sales on 4Sale4Now. This category will help you get your products noticed more frequently and help you make more sales.

If you’re running a storefront on 4Sale4Now, this is your training ground. You can read what other sellers have tried and proven to work, and you’ll be able to share techniques you have tested yourself.

Questions & Answers

There are many ways you can get in touch with us here at 4Sale4Now. You can send us an @reply on our Twitter account, you can connect with us on our Facebook Fan Page, or you can email us. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

However, the best way to get your question answered is to simply post it on the 4Sale4Now forum. That way we can keep a running thread, as your question might bring out more questions. Plus, anyone who has the same question can get an answer quickly.

Make sure, before posting a question, that you do a search. Someone has likely asked the question before you.

General announcements

Finally, the forum is a great place for us to get general information out to members and non-members alike. Keep an eye on the general announcements to see special deals we’re having, and to take part in the newest promotion at 4Sale4Now.com.

Side Note: Congratulations to the winner of the Vespa Scooter (pennywise), the Nikon CoolPix (scolunga99), and the Nintendo Wii Fit (sgabot).

The 4Sale4Now forum is a great place for 4Sale4Now members to join in discussion with staff members and even soon-to-be members of 4Sale4Now.

Stop by and share. We’d love to hear from you.


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Online Shopping is Playing Catch-Up With 4Sale4Now.com

shopping cart

There’s a thread building on our forum right now in which one of our members brings up an interesting thought. The member speculates whether eBay is now playing catch-up with 4Sale4Now.com.In that post, scriptor makes some interesting observations. I thought I’d take some time to consider those ideas here at the blog. If you want to read the full forum thread you can read it here.

Changing Landscape of Online Shopping

Our world is changing rapidly and the internet is no exception to that rule. If a company isn’t innovative, it gets left behind. Kmart gets left in the dust by upstart Walmart. The big three in the auto industry struggle to get their finances in order while Nissan, Toyota, and Honda flourish. And, on the internet, mega social networks like MySpace lose their grip to new sites like Facebook.

In 2013 we’ll all laugh at how we used to shop online, and the companies that are more innovative and more revolutionary are going to be the companies that remain standing when the dust settles.

The Buy Now Button is Everywhere

There was a time when the world was enamored by an online auction site where you could buy stuff and have it shipped directly to you. No longer.

People have grown tired of waiting for auctions to end, only to find out they didn’t win the auction anyhow. They want the product they’re looking at and they like the feeling of knowing that if they click on that buy button, they WILL get what they want.

EBay has tried to address this with their buy now button, and eBay shoppers are definitely responding, but that’s only one side of the new online shopping coin.

How 4Sale4Now’s Revolutionary System Addresses Changes

People don’t just want to get the product they want when they click on it. They also want to get a great deal. The eBay buy now button is more like a trade off for shoppers. Either wait seven days and pray for a good deal, or forget about the good deal, click the buy now button and make sure you actually get the item.

At 4Sale4Now, we give online shoppers both. When our members click that buy button, they assure themselves of getting the product they wanted. They don’t have to wait seven days. They don’t have to wonder if someone will out-bid them.

But, they also get to watch the price fall instead of rise. At any given price drop they’re getting a better deal and whenever they want, they can click the buy button and have that item shipped to their home.

Make no mistake, the world of online shopping is changing rapidly, and 4Sale4Now is leading the charge.

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Mom’s are Driving Internet Sales

online shopping momsMom’s have been managing family purchases for centuries, and now they’re taking to the internet in droves to find simple and convenient ways to shop for their family’s needs.

Don’t Miss Out on This Huge Online Shopping Market

According to research by emarketer, in 2008 33.9 million women with children shopped on the internet at least once a month. That number is expected to grow to 36.1 million by 2013.

Selling stuff to internet moms is a great opportunity. You make life easier for a busy mother by allowing them to shop from home and have their items shipped directly to their home. And you can make some sizable, consistent income.

If only 1% of those moms sees your product that’s 339,000 product views. If you can get a meager 1% of those to actually make a purchase, you just made 3,400 sales. At $20 profit per sale, you just made $68,000!

And these are conservative numbers. Actually, a 1% conversion rate is on the low side.

Who are They Shopping For?

Research shows that 44% of these online moms are shopping for something for themselves. 45% are shopping for something for their kids. Online or off, moms continue to be the family managers.

Tap into this by offering products that help these moms supply their families with the things they need and want.

Don’t forget about the other 11%. It represents all the things that moms purchase for their husbands, other family members, and friends. 11% of 33.9 million moms amounts to 3,729,000 moms shopping for someone other than them or their kids.

What are They Shopping Online For?

What kinds of products do online shopping moms buy? Here’s a short list of the most popular items they purchased in 2008. Chances are good they’ll continue shopping for these items online.

Find a niche in any one of these areas and you’ll tap into the massive online mom market.

The greatest challenge of course is getting your products in front of these 33.9 million online moms. At 4Sale4Now, we take care of that for you. We heavily promote the 4Sale4Now website allowing you to focus on finding a line of products that will make you consistent income.

We find the moms and you find the products they need. Together we make a great team.

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Standard Internet Business vs. Business with 4Sale4Now

internet businessI know what you’re thinking. This is the 4Sale4Now blog, so obviously we’re going to be promoting a 4Sale4Now business over a standard business.

It’s true that we think 4Sale4Now has the most revolutionary and exciting way to sell stuff online. However, some people would be better suited to a standard internet business.

Here’s how to tell which you are:

How Computer Savvy Are You?

You might be perfect for a standard internet business if you can:

  • Handle a computer well
  • Develop ecommerce websites
  • Set up merchant accounts on those websites
  • Promote your site
  • Organize products for sale
  • Take care of customer service
  • Handle shipping
  • Manage the employees you need

I know that seems like a lot and it sounds like I’m trying to present standard online businesses in a bad light. And, frankly, this list will scare off a lot of people. But, if you’re the type of person that can manage all this and get a great sense of pride and achievement from it, a standard internet business might be for you.

The list for starting a 4Sale4Now business is much shorter. You have to be able to:

  • Register on the website
  • Upload photos
  • Ship products

Time Investment

It takes a great deal of time to start a standard internet business, especially in the first year or so. You’ll be pouring hours every day into your internet business before even selling your first product. Before you can sell a single product you need to develop and launch your site. Speaking from experience that is an awesome task.

But the launch is only the beginning. Once the site is launched, your visitors will start finding bugs that you need to work out, features that you need to add, etc.

The nice thing about starting a standard internet business is that, once it’s established and you have reliable people running it, you can walk away from it and let it do it’s thing while you make money week after week.

Of course, at 4Sale4Now we’ve already done the monstrous “up-front” work so you don’t have to. If you have a product for sale and a photo of it on your computer, you can have it posted for sale in no time.

While you don’t need to invest a large amount of time, you do need to be consistent about the time you invest in your 4Sale4Now business. You don’t have to spend a lot of time every day, but you do need to spend some time every day.

  • Monitor products for sale
  • Find new products to sell
  • Test different discounts to find which makes you the most money

You’ll eventually hire someone to manage all this and walk away from your 4Sale4Now business just like you can walk away from a standard business.

How Much Money Do You Have?

This is the granddaddy of all internet business questions, and the one that stops most people from getting themselves a piece of the multi-billions of dollars that are spent online every year. And, the shaky world-wide economy isn’t helping matters much.

A standard business can cost thousands of dollars:

  • Hiring a designer to create the website
  • Hiring a developer to make it function properly
  • Hiring a marketing agency to promote your site
  • Merchant account fees
  • Web hosting

The list can go on. If you have a big chunk of extra money lying around, developing a standard business might still be an option for you. But, if you don’t have any extra money lying around…

You can start a 4Sale4Now business with very little money. In fact, as I’m writing this, we’re offering to let you post items for free. So, for a limited time, you can start a 4Sale4Now business for absolutely nothing.

Which is a better fit for you? A standard internet business, or 4Sale4Now?

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