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Our Security System Just Won Another Award

mcafeeWe secure 4Sale4Now.com with McAfee secure and McAfee has just won another award for excellence.

SC Magazine, a magazine for IT and security professionals just awarded McAfee with a five-star rating. If you like techy stuff and want to read the entire article on SC’s group test, you can read it here.

What I want to talk about today is what this award means for companies like 4Sale4Now that are using McAfee’s security for their site.

Securing Online Shopping Sites with New Technology

There’s a constant chess match going on between hackers and security professionals on the internet. Each player makes a move and the other tries to counter that move, and McAfee is winning the game against hackers.

McAfee uses the most cutting edge security products to keep its customers’ ecommerce sites safe from invaders. I could bore you with discussions of the new cloud computing, for example, but the bottom line is that we have the newest, most secure technology working to protect our buyers and sellers information.

Constant Testing of Security

At McAfee, they understand that newer isn’t necessarily better. That’s why they take part in things like SC’s group test.

McAfee has some of the brightest computing minds in the world, and before they release any product to their customers, these brilliant people do everything they can to break into and steal information. Then they close up any holes, and test again.

In the end, you have a security product that virtually impenetrable.

Companies like McAfee are a great partner in online shopping. They’re always striving to achieve excellence in their field and the recognition of their colleagues in the business. That’s why we’re pretty excited about the fact that McAfee has won another top award.


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4Sale4Now Forum4Sale4Now Forum is Live!

4Sale4Now Forum

The 4Sale4Now forum is live and ready for discussion. If you have a question or comment, stop by and share. Or, just drop in to read what others are saying.

For Buyers

For buying members of 4Sale4Now, who haven’t yet started selling their own products at the site, we have an entire category dedicated to sharing shopping tips that you’ve come across.

Have you tried adding search terms that worked well for you? Found a new feature on 4Sale4Now that you weren’t aware of? This is a great place to share what you’ve discovered about shopping on 4Sale4Now.com and find out what others have been doing to make their shopping experience more exciting.

For Sellers

Our tips and tricks section also has a category for sellers. Here you’ll find what other sellers are doing to maximize sales on 4Sale4Now. This category will help you get your products noticed more frequently and help you make more sales.

If you’re running a storefront on 4Sale4Now, this is your training ground. You can read what other sellers have tried and proven to work, and you’ll be able to share techniques you have tested yourself.

Questions & Answers

There are many ways you can get in touch with us here at 4Sale4Now. You can send us an @reply on our Twitter account, you can connect with us on our Facebook Fan Page, or you can email us. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

However, the best way to get your question answered is to simply post it on the 4Sale4Now forum. That way we can keep a running thread, as your question might bring out more questions. Plus, anyone who has the same question can get an answer quickly.

Make sure, before posting a question, that you do a search. Someone has likely asked the question before you.

General announcements

Finally, the forum is a great place for us to get general information out to members and non-members alike. Keep an eye on the general announcements to see special deals we’re having, and to take part in the newest promotion at 4Sale4Now.com.

Side Note: Congratulations to the winner of the Vespa Scooter (pennywise), the Nikon CoolPix (scolunga99), and the Nintendo Wii Fit (sgabot).

The 4Sale4Now forum is a great place for 4Sale4Now members to join in discussion with staff members and even soon-to-be members of 4Sale4Now.

Stop by and share. We’d love to hear from you.

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