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How Consumers Shop Online

online shopping graphChannel Advisor has come out with an interesting little white paper entitled How Consumers Shop Online. You can read the entire white paper here, but I wanted to touch on some of the high points that really impact how we go about selling our products on 4Sale4Now.com.

Same Time Online But Spending Less

On the surface this seems like bad news for online sellers, but it’s not. What this means is that online shoppers are getting more and more sophisticated in their shopping. They’re looking around more and trying to find the best deals.

4Sale4Now’s discount structure makes this a great opportunity for sellers. Online shoppers that stop by 4Sale4Now are more apt to add your products to their watch list. Yes, they’ll probably look around for the same products elsewhere, but the fact that 4Sale4Now has better deals by the day, means more online shoppers will be buying your products.

Impact of Peer Ratings

If you’ve been reading the 4Sale4Now blog for some time you’ll remember that back in March we discussed Getting Good Reviews From Your Buyers. That advice is more critical than ever.

Online shoppers are relying more and more on other online shoppers when making buying decisions. If you haven’t read “Getting Good Reviews From Your Buyers” you should click over there as soon as you’re done reading this post.

The biggest reason sellers don’t get good reviews? Are you ready for this?… They don’t ask for them. So, when someone buys one of your products on 4Sale4Now, thank them for their business and ask them to give you a good review. Don’t ask them for “a review” ask them for “a good review.”

As you accumulate more and more reviews, your confidence level with other online shoppers will skyrocket.

Well, those are the major points I wanted to mention. What do you think? How can 4Sale4Now sellers make the most of the information that Channel Advisor dug up on online shopping. Head over to the 4Sale4Now forums, click on the “online shopping trends” discussion, and let us know what you think are the trends that have the most impact on online shopping.


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Mom’s are Driving Internet Sales

online shopping momsMom’s have been managing family purchases for centuries, and now they’re taking to the internet in droves to find simple and convenient ways to shop for their family’s needs.

Don’t Miss Out on This Huge Online Shopping Market

According to research by emarketer, in 2008 33.9 million women with children shopped on the internet at least once a month. That number is expected to grow to 36.1 million by 2013.

Selling stuff to internet moms is a great opportunity. You make life easier for a busy mother by allowing them to shop from home and have their items shipped directly to their home. And you can make some sizable, consistent income.

If only 1% of those moms sees your product that’s 339,000 product views. If you can get a meager 1% of those to actually make a purchase, you just made 3,400 sales. At $20 profit per sale, you just made $68,000!

And these are conservative numbers. Actually, a 1% conversion rate is on the low side.

Who are They Shopping For?

Research shows that 44% of these online moms are shopping for something for themselves. 45% are shopping for something for their kids. Online or off, moms continue to be the family managers.

Tap into this by offering products that help these moms supply their families with the things they need and want.

Don’t forget about the other 11%. It represents all the things that moms purchase for their husbands, other family members, and friends. 11% of 33.9 million moms amounts to 3,729,000 moms shopping for someone other than them or their kids.

What are They Shopping Online For?

What kinds of products do online shopping moms buy? Here’s a short list of the most popular items they purchased in 2008. Chances are good they’ll continue shopping for these items online.

Find a niche in any one of these areas and you’ll tap into the massive online mom market.

The greatest challenge of course is getting your products in front of these 33.9 million online moms. At 4Sale4Now, we take care of that for you. We heavily promote the 4Sale4Now website allowing you to focus on finding a line of products that will make you consistent income.

We find the moms and you find the products they need. Together we make a great team.

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#1 Key to Connecting with Your Buyer

Key to Connecting with Buyers

Making a sale begins with making a connection with your buyer. And making that connection begins with a simple (but often misunderstood) truth about the world wide web.

People Buy from People Not from Websites

When someone stops by 4Sale4Now.com and reads your product description, you’ll have better success if you can make it personal.

Apple made a killing with this concept when advertising their iPod. While all the other mp3 players were talking in sterile tones about how many GB their mp3 player had, Apple put its arm around its customer, held out an iPod, and simply said, “1000 songs in your pocket.”

Give your visitors the feel that you’re talking directly to them rather than simply spouting a bunch of features. They need to hear about the features too, but make sure you present them in a way that’s personal.

Treat Your Description as a One-on-One Conversation

Not only do people buy from people, but they like to feel like they are the only one you’re talking to. People want to feel like they’re somebody special and not just a number. Even mega companies like Walmart work hard at this.

Despite the fact that multi-millions of customers go through their doors every day, they try to make each one feel important. That’s why the greeter is at the door welcoming you to Walmart.

Make people feel like you’re a friend offering another friend something that can make their life better in some way and you’ll improve your sales drastically.

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Writing Eye-Catching Product Descriptions

Your product description is the only chance you’ll have a turning a browser into a buyer, so you need to make sure it’s good. You need to give complete information, but complete information is often not enough to make the sale.

Use these tips to to turn “thinking about it” people into “gotta have it” people.

Be Thorough

Because the product description is the only place where you can communicate with your buyer about the product you’re selling, you need to give them all the information necessary to make a buying decision.

Be sure to include brand, model, storage capacity, featured functions, any compatibility issues, and anything else your buyers might want to know about.

This will do two things for you. First, it’ll give those browsing your products all the information they need to make a buying decision.

The buying process is like a set of scales. On the one side, weighing a great deal, is the things that make people hesitant about buying your product: parting with their hard-earned money, giving out their precious credit card information, fear of not getting value for their money, etc.

On the other side of the scales are all the reasons you can give them to make them want to buy from you. You need to load this as heavily as possible, and you start with all the features your product has that will benefit them.

Secondly, giving all the features of your product will save you from having people return items because they didn’t fit their needs. If your software isn’t Mac compatible, mention that or Mac owners will send your stuff back in frustration. If your cell phone only works with certain carriers, tell people.

Point Out Benefits

Listing all the features of an item is important, but it’s not what will really sell your product. You see, people don’t truly care about the features of a product, they really care about the benefits they get from the product.

There’s an old adage in marketing that says people don’t want a quarter-inch drill bit, they want a quarter-inch hole. And there’s a lot of truth to that.

When Apple was marketing their iPhone, they hit the nail on the head. While others were pointing out features (how much storage capacity they had), Apple focused on the benefit and simply told their buyers that they could get 1000 songs in their pocket. In reality buyers didn’t care how much storage space MP3 players had, they just wanted to know how many songs they could carry.

The funny thing about buyers is that, for some reason, they need to be told the benefits they get from the features available. You would think that mentioning the gas mileage the scooter you’re selling gets would be enough, but it often means little to them. They still need you to tell them that they can get to work and back for two weeks without re-filling the tank.

If you can master these two important factors as you write your product descriptions you’ll sell more product and have happier customers. And happy customers come back time after time after time.

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