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Seller Spotlight: Furniture Basics

canopy-bedFurniture Basics is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has been in the furniture business for 20 years. They have some beautiful pieces for sale at 4Sale4Now.com.

Beautiful Furnishings in a Variety of Styles

Furniture Basics currently has 15 items for sale at 4Sale4Now. They have designer furniture from big names in the furniture industry. You can find entire furniture sets by companies like Vaughan, Louis Phillipe, Bryant, Hamilton, and more.

Whatever your style, Furniture Basics has the furniture for you. They have elegant items like theespresso-bedbeautiful 4-Post canopy bed above, to the stylish Espresso you see here. Whether you’re looking for modern, rustic, or even authentic mexican, Furniture Basics has you covered.

Search Out Furniture Basics

Keep an eye on this seller. They’re currently only offering a select few of their items, but more are sure to come. Search them out by clicking the drop menu by the search bar and selecting “sellers.” They have a fantastic selection of furniture for sale.

Check them out every time you come back to 4Sale4Now. You’ll be glad you did.


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Our Security System Just Won Another Award

mcafeeWe secure 4Sale4Now.com with McAfee secure and McAfee has just won another award for excellence.

SC Magazine, a magazine for IT and security professionals just awarded McAfee with a five-star rating. If you like techy stuff and want to read the entire article on SC’s group test, you can read it here.

What I want to talk about today is what this award means for companies like 4Sale4Now that are using McAfee’s security for their site.

Securing Online Shopping Sites with New Technology

There’s a constant chess match going on between hackers and security professionals on the internet. Each player makes a move and the other tries to counter that move, and McAfee is winning the game against hackers.

McAfee uses the most cutting edge security products to keep its customers’ ecommerce sites safe from invaders. I could bore you with discussions of the new cloud computing, for example, but the bottom line is that we have the newest, most secure technology working to protect our buyers and sellers information.

Constant Testing of Security

At McAfee, they understand that newer isn’t necessarily better. That’s why they take part in things like SC’s group test.

McAfee has some of the brightest computing minds in the world, and before they release any product to their customers, these brilliant people do everything they can to break into and steal information. Then they close up any holes, and test again.

In the end, you have a security product that virtually impenetrable.

Companies like McAfee are a great partner in online shopping. They’re always striving to achieve excellence in their field and the recognition of their colleagues in the business. That’s why we’re pretty excited about the fact that McAfee has won another top award.

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How Consumers Shop Online

online shopping graphChannel Advisor has come out with an interesting little white paper entitled How Consumers Shop Online. You can read the entire white paper here, but I wanted to touch on some of the high points that really impact how we go about selling our products on 4Sale4Now.com.

Same Time Online But Spending Less

On the surface this seems like bad news for online sellers, but it’s not. What this means is that online shoppers are getting more and more sophisticated in their shopping. They’re looking around more and trying to find the best deals.

4Sale4Now’s discount structure makes this a great opportunity for sellers. Online shoppers that stop by 4Sale4Now are more apt to add your products to their watch list. Yes, they’ll probably look around for the same products elsewhere, but the fact that 4Sale4Now has better deals by the day, means more online shoppers will be buying your products.

Impact of Peer Ratings

If you’ve been reading the 4Sale4Now blog for some time you’ll remember that back in March we discussed Getting Good Reviews From Your Buyers. That advice is more critical than ever.

Online shoppers are relying more and more on other online shoppers when making buying decisions. If you haven’t read “Getting Good Reviews From Your Buyers” you should click over there as soon as you’re done reading this post.

The biggest reason sellers don’t get good reviews? Are you ready for this?… They don’t ask for them. So, when someone buys one of your products on 4Sale4Now, thank them for their business and ask them to give you a good review. Don’t ask them for “a review” ask them for “a good review.”

As you accumulate more and more reviews, your confidence level with other online shoppers will skyrocket.

Well, those are the major points I wanted to mention. What do you think? How can 4Sale4Now sellers make the most of the information that Channel Advisor dug up on online shopping. Head over to the 4Sale4Now forums, click on the “online shopping trends” discussion, and let us know what you think are the trends that have the most impact on online shopping.

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3 Steps to Safe Online Shopping

1- Look for the Security Logo

The security logo is typically found in the footer of a web page. At the 4Sale4Now.com website you can find the McAfee Secure logo in the footer of any page. Just go to the homepage and scroll to the bottom. You’ll find it prominently placed in the middle of the footer.mcafee secure online shopping logo

Only work with websites that have a recognizable, reputable company protecting their site. For example, McAfee has not only been protecting business websites for many years, they’ve won more than 50 awards for outstanding achievement.

2- Find the S in the URL

Go to any website on the web and you’ll find the hypertext transport protocol in the url. 4Sale4Now’s Facebook Fanpage address looks like http://www.facebook.com/4Sale4Now and begins with http (hypertext transport protocol).

secure shoppingA secure site will add an “S” to that http. 4Sale4Now’s shopping cart looks like this https://www.4sale4now.com/store/cart.aspx and begins with https, which is the secure version of http. If you see the “S,” you know that you’re on a secure server. If you don’t see the “S,” don’t send your personal information.

3- Locked or Unlocked

The third way to assure yourself that you’re working with a secure server and can safely send your personal information is the small padlock at the bottom of your web browser. It’s usually found in either the lower right hand corner or lower left hand corner of your web browser.secure shopping locked page

This little padlock will be open (unlocked) if the site you are on is not secure, or closed (locked) if the site is secure. Before entering any personal information, make sure the padlock is locked. Then you’ll know the information you’re sending is encrypted and can only be viewed by an authorized party.

Online shopping has gotten extremely safe in the last couple years. The banking industry has moved to a lot of online banking, and this has forced web developers to come up with powerful ways to keep prying eyes out of your personal business.

Make sure you follow these three steps to safe online shopping and you can buy with confidence.

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